On the other side of the lens


Since starting this journey of becoming a Wedding Vidoegrapher, many amazing opportunities have come my way. So many little successes, happy moments and opened doors. 2018 has been such a great video year so far. 

Recently myself and my beautiful girlfriend Ashleigh had the opportunity to spend some time in our favourite place in the whole world, the Northern Irish North Coast. I've spent many years up there with a camera in hand, filming the waves with a VHS camcorder, taking stills of our adventures on a 35mm or filming a cliff side elopement with my GH5. 

This time however , I was on the opposite side of the lens. Ashleigh and I had our first ever shoot with the incredibly talented Luke Flint Media! 

In the work that we do as Wedding Videographers and Photographers the couples are everything. Every great Wedding Vendor strives to make sure that the couple are happy and comfortable with what they provide. 

I am always behind the camera and the day Ash and I took a trip out for our photo shoot, my eyes were really opened to what it felt like to be in the shoes of the couple..

We both felt the excitement, anxiousness and the curiosity that is brought whilst waiting for your photos / video to be delivered to you.  And finally, we felt the joy of receiving the final product and sitting down together to look through and remember the day!


So here's some advice I'd like to share to couples:

1. Don't be scared, be Excited!

It's okay to be nervous! Even we were and we both work in this business!

Just know that no matter where you go, if it is an urban , rustic or adventure shoot it will be packed with fun , laughs and love.

Videographers and Photographers are used to nervousness with couples. Most couples have never been in front of a professional camera before, never mind with someone they have never met before taking the photos! Videographers and photographers are aware of this and so we are used to getting you guys comfortable as we deal with new couples everyday!

Make sure to get excited! Look at other photo shoots and start to get accustom to what will happen. Start to dream of the final product and where you can frame it. Get excited to finally have an amazing photo for your internet profiles!  It took Ashleigh and I four years to finally get a decent photo together (Thanks Luke Flint Media!)



2. It is your day, have fun!

Make sure to remember it is your day. These photos are for you and to represent your love. The photographer will guide you and possibly choose locations but the day revolves around your relationship! 

In my opinion, photo shoots are one of the best ways to capture pure genuine love. When Ash and I were down by the harbour we just laughed at inside jokes and gazed into each other's eyes. The photos we received beautifully captured what we were like as a couple! 

In these long summer evenings Ash and I tend to do a lot of BBQ's and staying out late. We suggested to Luke that we should possibly bring a BBQ down as we were headed to a beach. Small little details like that represent your relationship and also create a more relaxed mood!


3.  Be yourself!

When you are on your shoot that it is just you and your loved one. These photos will last until you both are wrinkly old folk looking back at old memories. 

Be yourself. That is the one true way to make sure those photos are exactly who you both are. I'm sure there is nothing worse than getting photos back where you both look stiff and uncomfortable, so let loose and carry on with the day as if there is nobody pointing a camera at you! ( Obviously the videographer/ photographer will ask you to do a few things for the camera but this is only because we have a beautiful vision of how to capture you both perfectly.)


And Finally...

The benefits of your photo shoot will last longer than just that day. The photo shoot is a break from everything. It is just about you and the person in front of you. Life fades into the background for those few moments you get to stare into each other's eyes. 

Those moments are the well deserved break you have from life just to focus on each other, your love and what drives you on each day. 

I would honestly and wholeheartedly recommend getting a photo shoot with whatever photographer you love the style of. It was such a great adventure and time.

Our Amazing photo shoot was done by Luke Flint Media. You can find his website and Instagram here or at the top of the blog! His website is filled with many amazing photo shoots. You can check out the rest of our photo shoot on his site!






Mark Ferguson