Mark Ferguson


Mark Ferguson

Blog post numero we go.

Who am I?

I thought it would be appropriate for the first blog post to introduce myself a little more. My name is Mark and I am an 18 year old film maker from a small village under the Mourne Mountains. I've had an itching to create ever since I was just a wee lad. 

I'm not totally sure when my drive for creating really started but my earliest memory was the evening my Dad sat me down in the living room and watched Star Wars with me. 
I was fascinated. I was blown away. I was completely amazed.  
Ever since that moment, where my little brain was absorbed by this whole new world - I've wanted to create.

It started with drawing cartoons, then evolved to animation, then film and music making - and now here.

I share life with my beautiful girlfriend and work on building a business for our future. 

With being incredibly passionate about film, I am also a huge music nerd. Genre to me rarely comes into importance in my preference on music. ( just as long as its not radio pop or country then its sweet) But if we had to be picky...I am hands down a Hip Hop Head. 

I adore expression in any form. If it be music, film, dance, poetry, photography or any other creative outlet. To have emotion is to have substance. I think this is why I love Wedding Film making. 

In Wedding Film making you capture some of the rawest forms of emotion you can in someone's life. The wedding is the climax of someone's love story. It's is important to capture these moments. 

I always think to my future - I'm sure everyone does. 

And when I celebrate my 10th,25th and 50th anniversary with my wife, having these memories of our first date, our first year together , our wedding and our babies births is what is truly important. 

So that's me.

Feel free to explore the site more or contact me on any social media or via the contact form!


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