Dunseverick Castle

Duneseverick Castle , Co.Antrim , Northern Ireland


The ruins of Dunseverick Castle sit perched on top of the North Coast cliffs with stunning views east and west. It is nestled away out of sight, private and breathtaking.

It is the perfect place for your ceremony.

Eloping on top of the single standing cliff, surrounded by stunning views of the Atlantic Coast and only 5 minutes away from the famous Dunluce Castle and Giant’s Causeway.



Dunseverick is but it is growing in popularity.
Popular destinations in the North Coast include Dunluce Castle or Kinbane. Dunseverick is only 20 minutes of each.

This makes Duneseverick incredibly unique.

We love the Dunseverick Ruins.
We love it’s privacy and structure.
It’s symmetry and beauty is like nowhere else on the coastline.

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To get to the castle ruins we venture down the small slopes towards the center flat land. From there we take a quick walk up around the side of the cliff to the top where we can perform the ceremony.


Some things to know…

The coast of Ireland can be windy. During summer it can be tame and no issue, but around autumn and winter seasons the wind can pick up! So remember to bring a throw or something to keep you warm for inbetween locations and shoots!

We recommend wearing thermal clothing underneath to help if it gets a bit nippy and fancy shoes are definitely a big no no! ( if you would like, bring a spare pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting mucky on the way down.)

Places to stay

Around the Northern coast you can find a myriad of cosy places to stay. Linked below are some of our favorites near to Dunseverick!



Causeway Hotel -

This is the closest hotel to Duneseverick. If you want to visit the Giant’s causeway whilst you’re here this hotel is perfect as it sits right by the Causeway itself.


Bushmills Inn -

The Bushmills inn is a fantastic place to stay. The inn is in the centre of Bushmills town, the home to the Bushmill’s gin distillery.

Homes & Cottages


The Ballintoy Harbour Cottages

The Ballintoy Harbour is a hidden gem. With lovely Thatch roof Irish cafes and cottages centred around an old fishing harbour. The Red Door is a must visit for gathering around a wood burner and dining on traditional Irish food.



If you would love to Elope to Dunseverick in Northern Ireland, we offer a discount for all couples who with the “ ELOPEDUNSEVERICK” at the top of their enquiry.

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